Milena, 32 years old, from Croatia

I was the second grade of elementary school when it all started. I know that at that time I did not even know whether we were Serbs or Croats and that I asked my mom who we were. I am an optimist, I always think it will be better tomorrow, even though life did not spare me from my eighth year, when the war began, and then everything my family had lost in the village of Varivode, in Dalmatia.
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Muhammad, 16 years old from Afghanistan  

I come from Afghanistan, Kabul. I was 3 years old when the war broke out. I have parents and two older brothers and a little sister. For the war I know my whole life and now I am 16 years old. My father lost his eye when shooting. My mother is sick. The two brothers fight on two different sides. When I got up a little, it was necessary for me to choose the side on which I will fight. I did not want to, and I decided to go through other migrants, towards Europe. Mother and father stayed with their sister in Kabul. I do not know much about them and it’s hard to leave your old parents. Read More

Sajad (41) from Iran

My name is Sajad Hasan Alipour, I am from Iran and I am 41 years old. I am here with my wife and daughter. I am in Serbia now and I would like to stay here forever. My dream country is USA , my problem is political, when you do not have another way, you have no choice anymore, so you have to leave

Sajad (41) from Iran

Male (35) from Somalia

For me, all this is new, I have never felt like this. I used to think that none of this would ever happen to me because I have always been mentally strong – whatever happens, I think of something, whatever the problem is, I solve it.
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Boy (17) from Afghanistan

I feel like I can not do anything right. In the morning I find it very difficult to get out of bed, I do not have the will to do anything, and even when I do get up, I see no meaning anymore, nor do I have hope that this situation will ever change. They tell me I just need to make a little effort, but I have no strength to do anything. Read More

Father of three (35) from Syria

We only wanted to escape, then we were thinking only about how to get to Germany, so we waited and tried to be brave and strong – when we finally arrived there and managed to get the papers we thought that our problems were over, but now we know that the fight is just about to start. Read More