Father of three (35) from Syria

We only wanted to escape, then we were thinking only about how to get to Germany, so we waited and tried to be brave and strong – when we finally arrived there and managed to get the papers we thought that our problems were over, but now we know that the fight is just about to start.

We are all learning the language, I will try to find a job as soon as possible, my wife is trying to decorate our house so that it is nice and we can receive friends.

Still, it is harder for the children – they missed a lot in school, they do not know the language, so they are finding studying difficult. I notice they are laughing less than they used to before and they are quieter.

In Serbia, there were many children in the camp and there were some activities for them, so they played and socialised much more. Here it is as if they are isolated and left to their own devices. We are trying and hoping it will get better once some time passes, but I am afraid how they will deal with all these changes.

Father of three (35) from Syria

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