Male (25) from Iraq

I want to leave the past behind me, it is a difficult and painful part of my life I do not want to think about.

I am here now and I am starting over – I am waiting for all the procedures to be over and have regular talks with a lawyer who can help me get the papers. Uh, I just want this to be over … Then I have to see where I am going to live, since I would like to leave the camp. Do not misunderstand me – everything is fine at the camp, I would just like to be in an apartment where I will be on my own, where I can come home whenever I want, and where I can eat what I prepare, if you know what I mean. I must find a job as soon as possible, any job at first, just to get back on my feet.

The only thing that scares me now is whether I will succeed, for a moment I think I can do it, then I get the feeling I am no longer capable of doing anything.

I said that I am trying not to think about the past, but sometimes thoughts come on their own and then I can not stop them. I just hope that in time everything will come together.

 Male(25) from Iraq

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